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Cindy Ross
    I thought I would feel self-conscious but I don't. You make me feel comfortable, not judged at all. I think you have a good way of explaining things and move us forward at just the right speed. Thank you!

David Singer
    As a 39 year old law enforcement officer, I understand the difference between real self defense skills and the kind anyone can buy at a false "dojo". I have been involved with martial arts for about 7 years now and I can say learning Choy Lee Fut under Sifu Jenkins is legit! He takes the time to cover all aspects of our training, making sure all the students are learning, not just attending class.
    The classes are challenging, the way "kung fu" should be. Every minute tests my endurance, making me stronger both physically and mentally, while increasing my flexibility.
    The facts are:
1. A good kung fu school is very hard to find.
2. Choy Lee Fut is respected around the world as a practical martial art.
3. Sifu Jenkins is an authorized representative of the Chan Family, so students know they are getting the real deal.
    I would recommend this school to anyone seeking a traditional martial art that works!

Zack L.
    I have been practicing Lohan Qigong with Sifu Jenkins for three years. I have also practiced Kung Fu with him for two years. In these years I have made many gains in my life and also changes. Some of the benefit of Qigong practice has been: improved balance, a decrease in sleep apnea, and an increase in stamina. The benefits of Kung Fu practice have been: increased cardio, increased speed, increased endurance and gained knowledge.
    I originally came to Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno after practicing other arts including: Aikido, Judo, Tai Chi, and MMA. The reason I have stayed at this school is that Sifu is a thorough teacher. I have learned concepts and ideas that were never touched on in those other arts. Another reason I stay at the school is because there is a good camaraderie there and a diverse group of people.  

Keith & Adriana Ross
(Father and mother of Kiana Ross)   
    We wanted our 6 year old daughter to learn martial arts for all of its benefits. We researched schools and found the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno school, and liked the fact that it was a school designed to empower and do good for our community. We also liked its traditional focus.
    Since our daughter started training at the school, Sifu Dutch has been teaching her about the mind, body connection and how she can grow in all aspects of her life. She is able to pay more attention (focus), have more patience, stamina, and self-control. She just loves training at the school and we love the changes in her.    

Cheryl L.
    I have been taking Qi Gong classes from Sifu Dutch Jenkins for about 2 years now. Before I took Qi Gong, I was having anxiety issues and skin conditions (break outs on face and legs). I no longer have anxiety attacks and my skin has cleared. I have more energy and sleep better. My muscles are toned. I feel younger and more vibrant. When I do have aches and pains I know how to ease them using techniques from Qi Gong. I highly recommend Qi Gong for all ages and physical conditions. Qi Gong is a wonderful healing tool. Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno school is the best.

Omar Lynch
    Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is an authentic martial art with a live lineage in the modern world. The first time I came to class I was welcomed and treated with respect from all of the students in the school and by Sifu (Teacher). Everything that is taught in class has a purpose and can be used in a practical application. The main reason I study at Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno is because Sifu puts a strong emphasis on learning and practicing the basics to develop a strong foundation in order to progress, not on getting the next belt or level. To progress in any endeavor in life requires practice to become successful at what one is pursuing.

Tonia Gross
(Mother to Kema and Nakema)
    Choy Lee Fut is by far one of my best decisions ever made for my kids, they enjoy the classes and the instructors (Sifu & Sije). Everyone is considered family at Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno. The students also learn the history of kung fu as well as the Choy Lee Fut family as far as where the name came from. My kids have been attending Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno for a little over a year and it has made a huge difference in their confidence, attitude, and of course the ability to defend themselves.

Kema Gross
(Age 14)
    Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno is, for a fact, the greatest kung fu school in Fresno. Our Sifu is very helpful and observant, correcting us, his students, whenever we do anything wrong. He not only focuses on fighting and self-defense, but pays an equal amount of attention on our attitude and behavior. He constantly checks on our kung fu, asking what our moves are for. On top of all Sifu checks on us, he also makes sure we know the background for our branch of kung fu. Our Sifu is surely the best person for the job! We also have a "big sister" in kung fu, translated to "Sije". Our Sije is very smart and helpful, giving us hints and helping Sifu instruct us. She expects nothing but our best effort, always pushing us to do better. Our Sije inspires us, like Sifu, not only to be better kung fu students, but better people in life's society. Our Sije is an excellent trainer, and an even better big sister! I recommend Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno school for anyone who is interested in fighting and wants to learn proper fighting techniques. My sister and I are very proud to say we train where we do. CFCLFF is the best school to build strength, character, and of course, defensive skills.

Nakema Gross
(Age 10)
    Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno is a great kung fu school for learning how to defend yourself. Our Sifu is very positive and focused. He is always fixing our moves when we do them incorrectly. Our Sifu never gives up on us. I think Sije is very helpful, she is also a very competitive student. If you went to CFCLFF you would have to treat people like your family. My brother and I have been in this kung fu school a year and improved a lot! Sometimes Sifu pushes you to work harder but it's worth it! We also learn the history about kung fu.

E.R. Jennings
    Approximately five months ago I began taking classes at Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno. As everyone else, I lead a very busy life. My job is very demanding. I travel a good portion of the year meeting with numerous agencies and businesses all over the country. Being physically fit has always been one of my priorities in life. I was looking for something that would not only promote good physical fitness, but something that I would enjoy doing for years to come.
    I cannot express enough how pleased I have been with the instruction I have received from Sifu Dutch. Sifu Dutch teaches all aspects of Kung Fu. The lineage he teaches goes back to China over 200 years and is a direct descendant of the Grand Master. He is experienced, knowledgeable and very professional. I would encourage anyone looking for martial arts classes or looking for something different to try in the way of overall health to give the Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Fresno school a try. This is not something you will get in a gym; this is something that you take with you in life.

Don Fields
(father of Tyler and Tanner)
    After being in Kung Fu for several months, the boys often enjoy showing friends and family how to count in Chinese and how to block. They talk frequently about learning Kung Fu.
    From the parents' perspective, the boys have shown tremendous growth. As you will remember, we brought the boys here as a way to seek discipline and develop an ability to redirect their behavior. We also hope that the development in self confidence and self esteem will come with learning Kung Fu.
    Certainly, the boys have developed better balance, better listening skills, and significant coordination. In addition, it's a great workout for the boys. I suspect that they will begin to rapidly progress as their strength and understanding progress.
    We appreciate the no-nonsense requirement during the lesson - i.e. Sifu does all the disciplining, parents remain on the side line.
    Once again, we are very happy with the boys' progression.
Note: We have no criticism. It's actually more than we expected. Often, organized activities, the instructors will not go the extra mile to discipline the students and require that consequences be followed. You've done this well.

Mtwa C.
    I have been training under Sifu Dutch Jenkins for approximately 2 1/2 years and can't even conceive of training under anyone else's tutelage unless he recommended I do so.
    I come from a background of karate, wrestling, and boxing so I have had my share of "teachers/trainers" and I can without a doubt say that Sifu Dutch has opened my eyes more than any other. The training atmosphere is one of the main reasons (among many) why I continue to come and train under Sifu.
    Training under Sifu in a traditional martial art has given me a great education in not only defending myself but also how the body works. I feel as if I'm learning not only how to hurt people, but how to heal them as well.
    At age 46 I feel that my training under Sifu has strengthened my body and mind equally.
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