Training with Sifu Chen
WSTSifu Dutch
"The way you practice is the way you will fight!"
Sifu Dutch 1 1977

Sifu Dutch started his martial arts training in Chinese Kenpo at the age of 12 (1977). He joined the U.S. Navy right out of high school when he was 17 with a waiver of parental consent. In 1984, after his initial military schooling was finished, Sifu Dutch was stationed at NAS Lemoore, California where he met a fellow sailor who practiced Choy Lee Fut. He and Sifu Dutch became friends and practiced together almost every day. After several weeks, Sifu Dutch discovered that Choy Lee Fut had everything he learned (applications of techniques) in much more. Sifu Dutch began to research Choy Lee Fut and fell in love with the concepts and principles of the style.

Sifu Dutch with Master Ng and Chan Kit Fong

In 1994 Sifu Dutch met one of the Chan Family Masters (Ng Fu Hang) in Los Angeles, California. Master Ng only had a few students training at the time, including his son David. Sifu Dutch was surprised at the differences between what he had seen before and what Master Ng's students were doing. He instantly decided he wanted to become Master Ng's student. The very next weekend, Sifu Dutch went back to Los Angeles to Master Ng's home and asked Master Ng to take him as a student. Master Ng accepted Sifu Dutch as his student.

Sifu Dutch and John Perez

In 1998, after 4 years of intense training in Master Ng's driveway (which had many cracks and uneven surfaces) and sleeping in Master Ng's car at night, Sifu Dutch was asked by Master Ng to teach. Initially Sifu Dutch declined and told Master Ng that he only wanted to be a student and learn, but after much encouraging by Master Ng, and by Sifu Dutch's first student John Perez, he finally accepted the responsibilities (after 3 years of convincing) and began teaching John Perez in 2001.

Changing of Masters

In 2005, after 11 years training (the longest practicing student of Master Ng), Sifu Dutch decided he wanted to expand his knowledge even further and asked Master Ng for his permission to train with his cousin, Master Chen Yong Fa, the Head of the Chan Family system. Master Ng gave his permission and best wishes to Sifu Dutch at a gathering with both Master's present in Los Angeles, California.

Old Chinatown School
In June of 2009 Sifu Dutch was tested and promoted to Wing Sing Tong Instructor, and was given permission to open an official Chan Family school certified under Master Chen Yong Fa. Sifu Dutch opened his first Chan Family school in Fresno, California's Chinatown, but unfortuna
tely Sifu Dutch had to close that school after 2 years because the area became run down with crime and vagrancy, and most of his students (especially parents) no longer wanted to go to that part of town.

Tower District School

In April 2012 Sifu Dutch, along with his senior student Sarah Wells (Hung Sing Gwoon Instructor), opened a new school in the Tower District of Fresno, California. In only 8 months the school has grown to over 30 students...and continued to grow each month. Sifu Dutch has expressed that Chan Family Choy Lee Fut is in his blood and that he will do whatever it takes to help his Sifu, Master Chen Yong Fa, to spread his family's art to as many people as possible. In June 2012, Sifu Dutch created an Online Distant Learning Program that allows people all over the world to learn Chan Family Choy Lee Fut. If there isn't a school near someone, its no longer a problem...they have Sifu Dutch!


In 2013, Sifu Dutch, was promoted to Wing Sing Tong Country Master by Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa!


In 2016, Sifu Dutch, was promoted to Wing Sing Tong International Master by Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa!

Sifu Dutch in China

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