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Shaolin Lohan Qigong
Choy Lee Fut's Internal System

Sifu DutchLohan Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung) is the more internal aspect of the Choy Lee Fut System. It is both a physical and mental exercise practiced to help maintain health and balance, and to develop one's Qi.  It does this by using movement and breath control to manipulate the flow of Qi (Chi) along the body's meridians. Qi refers to "vital energy". Qigong is a traditional form of exercise which weaves together movements, breathing, self-massage, and meditation into a gentle art and complete system of heath maintenance. 

It has been established that Qigong stimulates the immune system and is favorable for the healing of inflamed and degenerated tissue. Qigong can help realize the body's full physical potential, resist sickness, repair damages caused by disease and balance the body's energy flow.

Unlike the many styles of Tai Chi Chuan which are centered around a single "form", the Lohan Qigong System is a complete system comprised of breathing, standing, walking and stick exercises, medical theories, Bagua principles, applications of self defense, AND forms.

Our Lohan Qigong program is aimed at helping students become healthier from the inside out by teaching them exercises that work the mechanical features of the body (muscles, bones, joints, etc.), and also the internal systems of the body (respiratory, lymphatic, nervous, etc.).

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