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 Have you ever met someone new, or walked into a room and felt either completely at ease or very uncomfortable, and you couldn't figure out why? Of course you have, WE ALL HAVE!!!

The world is made out of energy and so are we! No matter how much or little you know about science, most likely we have all heard about magnetic fields, particles, and all those types of things...well these are just the basic building's all ENERGY. How these energies interact is what causes those "at ease" or "uncomfortable" feelings. The interactions between our own personal energy and the energy of our environment can cause much more than just good or bad feelings. These interactions are happening constantly and can have a much deeper effect on our lives. 

At this deeper level, good interactions can lead to better health and mood, which will improve all relationships, including business relationships which can lead to more success, promotions and productivity. Whereas bad interactions can cause unhappiness in relationships and health issues such as depression, anxiety, injuries. SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING?

Feng Shui is the means by which we can have an influence on these interactions and change the way they effect us. Feng Shui is not hocus pocus or anything spiritual. Common misunderstandings about Feng Shui have led to people having a negative view of it, and/or believing it to be something mystical...WELL, IT'S is a combination of science and common sense!

Feng Shui is about understanding how to properly balance our personal energy with the energy of our environments.

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