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Chan Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

Distant Learning Program

The new program will go into affect January 1, 2017.

Have you always wanted to learn the Chan Family style of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, but do not live anywhere near a certified school?...well, now you CAN learn!!!

This program was created based on the training curriculum of our school here in Fresno, California.

Sample video clip of online distant learning program

Quality over Quantity

To ensure quality of the training, before a student can progress to the next level, they will be required to do one of two things depending on the level they are working on (so please keep this in mind before you decide to start this program)...they will either be required to send in their own videos showing themselves doing all the requirements in their present level (which will be graded), or they will have to test personally with Sifu Dutch Jenkins (Sifu Dutch can come to you, or you can come to him). This is the only way to ensure the quality of instruction is there and the student is learning properly! Plus it's the only way to be "certified" as Chan Family! 

If you are interested in starting this Distant Learning Kung Fu program, we would like you to email us with your city/town, state, country, etc. you are from, and any prior Choy Lee Fut experience (along with teacher's name) you may have! You can contact us at info@clfkf.com

Remember, it's always better to train with a qualified teacher, but this is the next best thing!

Click here for details on how the program works and the fees for the program.

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