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How is Choy Lee Fut traditional Chinese MMA?

Our founder Chan Heung had 3 teachers, each of whom taught him at least 2 styles from Shaolin (his 3rd teacher taught him several). In turn, Chan Heung combined everything he learned (leaving nothing out) into one style called Choy Lee Fut. Chan Heung knew that everyone is different...different sizes, different abilities etc., so by combining everything he learned and not leaving anything out, he ensured that there was a technique for everyone. Choy Lee Fut uses every part of the body to fight with and includes stand up fighting, joint locks, grappling/anti-grappling, throws/ take-downs, sweeps...you name it, Choy Lee Fut has it! True, Choy Lee Fut was designed as an art for defending your life on the streets...not as a sport! But, with so many different types of techniques, there are plenty that work (and are legal) in the San Shou/San Da ring and MMA cage! As a matter of fact, most of what is taught in the beginner's program is legal in the ring.

Choy Lee Fut is a complete system, and today it is one of the most widely practiced and effective martial arts styles in the world.

Sometimes referred to as "The Art of Southern Hands and Northern Feet," Choy Lee Fut combines the hand techniques well known in southern styles, and the foot techniques or kicks well known in northern styles. Choy Lee Fut is famous for its "Lively" footwork, awesome power, speed and circular movements. It is also an art that combines external power with internal energy.

Yin and Yang

Choy Lee Fut is a complete system that has both external and internal forms which combined, help a practitioner to become a better and more well rounded person - inside and out. The "external" forms are designed to develop and condition the bones, muscles, tendons, and because of the cardiovascular workout, also helps to increase stamina. They are fast and hard compared to their internal counterparts. The "internal" forms are designed to create a healthy body from within, by teaching proper breathing, enhancing the mind and body connection, and creating internal organ harmony. They are slower, and more fluid than their external counterparts.

Kuen Po's or Fist Manuals
The System of Choy Lee Fut has over 190 recorded forms that are divided into three different levels..."primary" or beginner, "secondary" or intermediate, and "tertiary" or advanced. The forms consist of the following categories;

* San Da/Fighting Techniques and Applications
* Fist forms...(both solo and two person)
* Weapon forms...(both solo and two person)
* Sand Bag (sometimes referred to as a punching/heavy bag) forms
* Wooden Dummy forms...(both hand and weapon training)
* Qi Gong forms
* Lion Dancing forms
* Traditional Chinese Medicine/Medical Theory

The forms are further divided into "external," "internal," "hard," "soft," "long," and "short."

The recorded forms, "Kuen Po's," are kept by the Chan Family in order to safe guard them for future reference by generations to come.

Shaolin Heritage of Choy Lee Fut Martial Arts
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